Maeve McBride
Sexological Herbalist, Educator, and Green Witch

Hello! I'm Maeve (she/her/they), and I am a clinical herbalist, green witch, published writer, and educator who has been exploring the intersections of kink, sacred sex, plants, and magick for nearly 20 years.

I teach classes and consult with clients who are looking to explore and break down their barriers to sexual, sensual, and kinky pleasure with the use of plant remedies, mind-body-spirit connection, communication techniques, a sense of playfulness, experimentation and exploration, in a non-judgmental environment. I work with individuals, couples and poly relationships.

A fun, sensual and compassionate switch-witch, I enjoy empowering folx of all persuasions to work towards their unique health, erotic and sexual goals using plant preparations, manifestation tools, goal setting, and anatomy geekery; to enjoy exploring their bodies and fantasies. By doing this they are better able to connect deeply with their desires and partners, heal trauma and shame, and live a more embodied and pleasure-full life. As a part of this work, I love teaching classes, working with clients in private consultation, and formulating plant potions for health, vitality, healing, and pleasure.

My love of herbs began when I was very young, while working on the family farm. I spent a lot of my time picking Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Lavender and other potent aromatic plants until their scent was deeply embedded in my skin long after I had left the fields. Their heady aroma would stick with me for days.; lifting my mood, making me feel protected and soothing my soul. Thus began my lifelong love of plants and their use in facilitating healing experiences and magickal transformation.


Certified in clinical herbalism and biodynamic childbirth education, I have been in the healthcare field for 15 years with the majority of my time spent serving  clients as a clinical herbalist and formulator, childbirth educator, birth, postpartum and death doula, and concurrently with all of these roles, a green witch. I feel very proud to have served and supported hundreds of clients in these capacities.


While working at a very busy birth center in the pacific northwest, I began to notice that most of my pregnant and postpartum clients had many questions about sex and kink, but were actually too shy to ask their midwifes or doctors any questions regarding these subjects. My classes were known to be incredibly sex positive (my childbirth ed class was called Strong Sexy Birth), and I quickly developed a clientele base that wanted to actively improve their intimate lives while also going through the transition into parenthood. 


After giving birth to three children and experiencing the trials and tribulations of trying to be an erotic creature while simultaneously being an exhausted parent; I spent some time focused on my own healing journey. Using plants, a lot of therapy, and sacred ritual I dove into the process of healing from a history of complex sexual and birth trauma that I had previously avoided facing, and worked to improve my relationship with my life partner. Plants once again were there for me (and my partner) as abundant teachers to facilitate our journey into physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational and erotic integration and wholeness. This healing journey fundamentally changed my life and led me to shift my professional practice from birth-related work, to an erotic and sexual healing focus.

I love working with newbies, people with trauma histories that inhibit their sexual joy, exhausted parents, enthusiastic consenters, folx who experience chronic pain, disability, and illness that effect their pleasure, and anyone who wants to improve their erotic and intimate lives. 

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, my personal pleasures include spending time with my family, gardening, dancing around a fire all night, rescuing animals of all sorts, camping, singing, telling naughty jokes,  reading tarot cards and listing things in sentence-form with lots of commas...and of course... sex and kink!

Check out the other pages on my site for more information about specific offerings and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

May your path ahead be filled with pleasure, abundance, and joy!