Erotic Manifestation Resources

Dosha/Physical Constitution


Attachment Style


Communication Styles


Love Language


Learning Style


Erotic Blueprint


BDSM Kink Interests Quiz


Yes, No, Maybe Inventory (Figuring out what you are interested in and not interested in)


Brief But Effective Kink Play Worksheet


Pick Up Play Negotiation (Short communication and negotiation form)


BDSM Negotiation Resource

Gender Neutral Pronouns

Consent Checklist by Meg-John Barker


BDSM Glossary Handout

Erotic Manifestation Class Handout

Erotic Planner Handout

Erotic Persona Inventory Handout

Intentional Dialogue Handout

Frustration Dialogue Handout

Emotional Freedom Technique Handout

Magickal Tools For Manifestation