Sexological Herbalism

So many people ask me, "what exactly is a sexological herbalist"? As far as I know, I am the only one.... Sexological herbalism is a somatic herbal healing modality that puts the client in the position as primary healer, and the herbalist as a healing facilitator. The focus of this work is on improving the client's intimate life by using plants and other mindfulness tools to assist the client in healing themselves, while working with and through trauma and other physical, mental and emotional factors that are inhibiting pleasure. The ultimate goal of sexological herbalism is to experience feelings of greater sexual fulfillment, deeper intimacy, and to lead an ecstatic erotic life. This work is often an accompaniment to other more traditional physical and mental health therapies.

As a science and plant geek and metaphysical kinkster, my perspective is biodynamic, which means I examine biological processes, environmental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual factors that effect someone's ability to feel pleasure in their body. I create herbal formulas that enhance arousal, heighten sensation, catalyze personal transformation, increase pleasure and heal on many different levels.

My preference is to share knowledge, tools, and recipes to empower clients in their own sexual and kinky journeys rather than become a required resource. So if you work with me, know that we will operate with an intention of planned obsolescence. I want clients to get to the point where they don't feel like they need me anymore. Which is a good thing!

Working with me begins with filling out the form on my contact page, and then we arrange a 15-30 minute phone conversation or we exchange a few emails to determine if we are a good fit to work together. Then you fill out confidential intake paperwork (boring, I know), set goals for what you want to achieve, and then we share a series of sessions ( typically 3-5 over the curse of a few months) until you feel like you have met your sexual goals. By that point you will have a full herbal toolkit to proceed on your embodied lusty journey with vitality and confidence.

I specialize in serving single clients, couples, triads, and more, as well as folx who have medical issues, chronic pain, exhausted parents, people with sexual and birth trauma, histories of other trauma, body dysmorphia, and guilt/shame complexes regarding their kinks and sexual needs. Plants are generous and provide abundant support to work with these issues. My practice is trauma-informed, anti-racist, kind, and non-judgmental.

If you are interested in seeing if we are a right fit to work together please fill out the form on my contact page and share a little bit about yourself and your erotic goals that you want to work towards.